Friday, March 5, 2010


The founder of atomic chart
lived in old Russia under the Czar
and cut his hair but once a year
perhaps because his marriage dear
was miserable to say the least
they lived apart and did not speak.

But after many years of this
a young art student caught his list
her parents did quite disprove
of the hairy advance of this old kook
so sent their daughter off to France
but Mendeleev proposed at last.

The laws of Russia required first
seven years to grant divorce
but the scientist paid off a priest
30,000 did the deed
he was defrocked for this disgrace
but Mendeleev got what he paid.

An irate noble begged the Czar
"Grant me divorce! You did before!"

His non-rhyming reply-
"Mendeleev may have two wives,
but I only have one Mendeleev"

PS During the siege of Stalingrad, Mrs. Mendeleev 2.0 was still alive and received double rations for the work her husband did.